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Each piece that I create is a small sculpture, my installation facility is the body. I spend many hours on design, the aesthetic aspect as well as comfort and how the piece will look, hang and feel  on the body.

Terms and conditions apply.

Payment: If you are interested in purchasing a piece simply click on the link to contact me. 

I accept personal checks as well as PayPal. I also accept layaway.

If you pay with a check I will put the piece on reserve.  Once the check has cleared I will immediately mark the piece as sold and ship within 2 work days.

For PayPal payment I will need your email address. Payment is due within 24 hours of receiving the invoice. Once paid the piece will be marked as sold and will be shipped within 2 work days.

Shipping: All packages are shipped via insured  priority mail. Shipping fees are determined and calculated according to USPS rates.

Commissions are welcome but please note that there is an 8-10 lead time.

What is Argentium silver?

Argentium is a new type of sterling silver but the traditional alloy has been modified by removing some of the copper and adding the metalloid germanium. Argentium is a finer silver than sterling and stronger than either sterling or fine silver. It is also more tarnish resistant, however all precious metals will tarnish with exposure to the sulfur in the atmosphere. Eve’s jewelry is easy to maintain by wiping it each time it is worn with a cotton jewelers cloth. Jewelry by eve uses only Argentium silver unless stated otherwise.

Caring for your jewelry


Do not shower, sleep, swim or expose your jewelry to harsh chemicals such as those found in pools, hot tubs and saunas. Do not wear jewelry while applying perfume, colognes, hairspray, lotions or skin products. These products can harm some stones as well as permanently discolor precious metals. Do not clean your jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner or with any abrasive materials.

Certain jewelry cleaners as well as time, will remove the rich patinas that are applied to certain jewelry pieces. For a small fee the patina can be reapplied.

The best way to clean your jewelry is to use a cotton jewelry cleaning cloth to gently wipe  off the jewelry after wearing it.

Exposure to air will tarnish all  precious metals over time so it is advised that jewelry is stored in the original box or a tarnish free jewelry armoire.

If for some reason your piece has gotten some dirt splashed on it we recommend using 2 drops of a mild dish soap  rubbed gently over the piece with your fingers under lukewarm water. Gently pat completely dry,  and wipe with a jewelry cleaning cloth.

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