Social injustice.



These are just a few of the events of this past year.

In addition to all of this, each of us have had our personal challenges.

We have all suffered not only as individuals but as a species. Yet, human nature is such that suffering gives us the opportunity to evolve, to grow spiritually!

It is in our darkest moments that we see the Light.

We may fall, but if we choose to we can slowly stand back up. We can lend a hand to help others stand up as well.

We can face a new day.

We can look at what we had been, and transform to something new

Someone better.


More compassionate.

We can rise like the Phoenix!


Koi are a symbol of good fortune and prosperity.

Recently 2 unsuspecting koi protected my husband from harm.

Needless to say, my love and obsession with these beautiful fish has now doubled.


Spring is on its way.

Although I love all the seasons, winter has a special place in my heart….

After the excitement of summer and all the work of fall with it's harvest, winter beckons us to sit down.

It asks us to relax a bit, to get cozy in front of a fire, to read a good book or bake some bread. It is quieter than the other seasons and for me, it carries with it a blanket of peacefulness. I especially enjoy the quiet of a snowstorm at night. Outside it's cold, and there's a lovely silence. The snow has forced everyone to stay home. You step outside from the warmth inside and take a breath. At first the cold air is startling. If you close your eyes and begin to follow your breath, it brings with it a calming quality to the mind. Thoughts slow down and the silence permeates your sense of Being.

The only sound is the gently falling snow.

The mind rests.

It's here that it finds Serenity.