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Did you know that quote is a 14th century proverb? The significance of it plays heavily into my life and I'm sure yours. Truthfully I dread my 'stories', I am not comfortable posting. Yet these stories that certain cabochons evoke from me have a force to be posted far greater than my fear of posting them. 

So what is the significance of an acorn? 

It reminds us that from something small, mighty things are created. That whatever you are 'growing' does not happen overnight. That growth, in of itself, is always a dichotomy of 'good, bad, easy, difficult…. there will be storms, droughts, sunshine and gentle rain. It is important to remind yourself that growth needs proper nourishment and lots of patience. 

Regardless if that growth is for a business or for emotional or spiritual growth, it will happen in its own time. 

Trust is also needed. 

So remember if things are difficult, if you find yourself in a 'drought ' I am here to remind you that tomorrow is a new day. And the sun will shine and a gentle rain will fall and growth will happen. 

Something mighty has always started from something small! 🍂 🌳


The kitchen is warm and inviting.

The scent of cinnamon, apples and walnuts baking in the oven, fills the air.

The autumnal season brings the harvest of delicious flavors and aromas inside. 

While outside fall makes itself known in some different ways. 

The air is crisp, its scent clean with a touch of hay.

We are enveloped in Nature here, with the privilege of being her soul audience.

The sky entertained  us with blue skies, dancing clouds and beautiful sunsets.

Trees still have green leaves, but most are also painted in brilliant oranges and reds. 

As I stare out the window I see all this as well as Falling Leaves.


It feels like it took forever, but it's worth it. 

We moved.

We renovated.

Box by box we unpacked.

Still plenty of other boxes in the basement at the old house, but everything we need is with us. The best part of all is that I once again have my studio in my home! I have a 30 second commute, it's the best. 

The house is bigger, more comfortable, peaceful and perfect for all of us. I wake up thrilled to walk into the kitchen, sit quietly and drink a cup of coffee. 

I feel like I'm walking on air!!!

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