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Spiritual Koi

This special Koi has so much meaning and symbolism. The very moment it's owner asked for the next Koi that I made, I knew it was to be this one and I saw the stones and colors flash in my mind.

Fish represent fertility, rebirth, transformation and strength. Combined with the water they swim in, it also represents a deeper awareness of the Higher Self. Two fish. One leads, one follows. Although we are alone, in truth we are never alone! We always have the strength to swim against the current, because we swim with God.

The color pink flooded my mind for this pendant.

Pink represents love, nurturing and compassion. All qualities it's owner has.

Obsidian enhances truth. It acts as a shield and protection against negativity. It draws out mental stress and tension.

Pearls are symbols of wisdom gained through experience. They represent loyalty, generosity and integrity.

While diamonds are symbols of the Light, the Sun, purity, perfection, Spiritual power, commitment and faithfulness. They also enhance the strength of all the other stones.

Silver represents the feminine and emotions. It is the moon, the intuitive. It is the metal of patience and perseverance. It is healing and enhances all the other stones with it.

May it's owner be protected and find strength. May she always remember she doesn't swim alone through life.

From my heart to hers🙏💗

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