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Dragon Happy Chinese New Year

Step out of your comfort zone!

In all my years of making jewelry I never entered a competition.

Until December of '23.

 I entered two.

The 1st was👎 a big no, zero, zilch, nada, nothing.

So, can imagine my surprise when the I won 1st place in the second 😳😱! 

OMG, to say I'm thrilled, honored and humbled doesn't even come close to how I feel. 

But because I took a chance, pushed myself, tried harder I created a piece I otherwise never would have! 

Grow, learn, fall, make mistakes, grow some more!

NEVER forget life is full of possibilities! 

This is my dragon to celebrate the Chinese new year, 2-9-2024.🐉

Chinese New Year heralds the year of the dragon.

To celebrate I've created this female dragon. The appropriateness of her not only in my life but in the world is profound. 

So why and what does she symbolize….. Let me start by explaining that every item I used in this piece was intuitively selected. The first thing I used was Argentium silver. Silver is the metal of the feminine, Luna. Because of its bright and clean appearance it is said that it reflects our souls as others see us. It represents purity and clarity of vision. It is said to bring balance and healing into our lives along with patience and protection. 

I had a very specific vision for this piece, and it is one of the few times I had a specific stone, shape and pattern cut for my design. 

Palm Root was my choice for her. I wanted to represent fire in a subtle way through its pattern. Fire is powerful, transformative and cleansing. Palm Root is grounding, calming, healing it also brings protection and luck. 

To accent the palm root, I choose champagne-colored diamonds. All diamonds symbolize strength, clarity, endurance and eternal love. Champagne color also brings us order and stability. 

The eye of the dragon has a black diamond. Black is the absorber of other energies. I placed it as the eye so that it can ‘see’ evil and absorb it thus rendering it useless all while the dragon is giving its wearer protection. 

May the New Year bring all that the dragon offers us along with many blessings and peace 🙏🐉

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