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I  have written this to share in my community. It's a public post in the hope that some may share it.  Maybe someone, somewhere will see a person wearing these pieces or trying to pawn them and report it. This is how I keep my hope 🙏

‘Some people steal to stay alive, others to feel alive’ unknown.

Someone I welcomed into my home stole from me. 

They went into the sanctuary of my space, refiled through my personal belongings to ‘cherry pick’ certain pieces I made, and stole them.

I make lots of jewelry but rarely for myself. The pieces that were stolen had great personal and sentimental meaning to me and were to be passed down to my sons and their children should they have any. They represented personal history. 

They contain love stories of my parents and love stories of my husband and I. 

They contained acts of love in trying times. They represented personal strength of character and the beauty of life.

And now they have been taken.

I don't know how anyone can steal 🥲. 

But I know this for a fact, that the person that stole them is small, weak and powerless. That they are unloved and never were loved. I know this because I was and still am loved. That love has made me strong and gives me insight into right and wrong. 

Stealing is ALWAYS wrong, it is always done by the small and weak who think it gives them power, but it does the opposite. It stains their souls . Those items which were stolen will not fill the empty hole where their heart should be.


I do not hate this person or feel anger towards them, I simply pity them. 

They might be sitting there laughing at me, thinking me a fool, that's ok. 

Karma is complex and each interaction creates karma. Are you creating good or bad? Because we were given free will we can choose to do good or do bad. 

Be careful which you choose! 

“You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of your choice.” – Unknown.

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