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Gum drop 💜 don't you think that's what that amethyst looks like? 

Perhaps I should have called the ring ‘gum drop'. 

Yet I couldn't. 

This ring represents much more to me than a sweet candy.

It speaks of the challenges we have in life.

The kind that almost shattered  us. 

You know, the ones that are so painful, so disruptive to our sense of peace that we feel ……. broken.

The kind challenge that leaves us with only two choices.

We can wallow in what happened. 

Become angry, bitter and weak.

Or we learn from it and  rise.

To rise we must go deep within us. 

We must look at what happened, and with gratitude for the lesson it taught us. 

We can then look at ourselves and see the how and why and once seen, the healing can begin. 

From then on we gather strength.


A voice. 

And power.

We become so much more.

We are alive, 



and we rise to be 



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