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Blushing Peach

Blushing Peach Swazi and Pearl earrings

We are the sum of our life moments.

Those moments are the totality of many things, people places, events…..we are those moments!

I am a young girl at my favorite place, my grandmother's house.

Every summer I got to spend 2 weeks with her and my grandfather. She was a tiny, but mighty woman. She was kind, gentle, loving and incredibly strong. She taught me how to be in this world by example. She also taught me that food of love thing. Anything homemade from scratch was better and healthier than anything you can buy. The foundation of cooking and the key to that was canning. This summer it was peaches.

My grandfather was outside in the garden. The kitchen was so beautiful, clean and bright. In the corner was an old fashioned washer with it's rollers. On the opposite wall was the stove, a pot of hot water was ready to parboil the next batch of peaches. An ice bath sparkled in a bowl in the sink. She was peeling that skin off of those peaches preparing them for the acidulated water bath. That bowl was sitting in front of me. As a result, the delicious aroma of lemons and peaches perfumed the air. She walked over to the table were I was standing and gently put the peeled peaches in the white speckleware bowl. All the while she was explaining the how to's of canning to me. I stood on my tiptoes to look in and at that exact moment the sun reached through the window to illuminate the inside of that bowl….I was transfixed by the beauty of that moment. Peaches with their beautiful deep golden and blush pink color looked like sparkling jewels!

It was how a lifelong foundation for cooking and eating was set.

Food, homemade with loving hands was a thing of incredible beauty. That beautiful color of blushing peaches became and still is a favorite for me. As are fresh ripe peaches. A gift of summer.

The owner of these earrings was also blessed with the incredible love of her grandmother as well. Wishing her beautiful and fond memories of those loving moments.

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