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Bubbling Brook

The Cabochon was pretty on the screen but when it arrived and I opened the box it took my breath away….. when it touched my palm I was instantly transported, I felt like I was being sucked into a tunnel backwards.

I'm 12, we summered in the mountains.

I loved it there!

The world was a safer place then. My favorite thing to do was to sneak away and spend the day in the forest. From the moment I stepped under the canopy of the trees I could breathe again, I felt that this was home. Lying on a soft bed of moss the scent of the forest enveloped me. It was a mixture of the clean smell of damp earth, the fern that I had brushed past, leaves, and pine needles, it was an elixir. I melted into the surroundings and became the forest. Lying on my belly I studied the beautiful bright green moss with it's delicate pattern, on a really lucky day a Red-Spotted Newt would stroll by, the contrast of the 2 colors was dazzling. A small ground pine grew creating a miniature forest scene, the microcosm in the macrocosm. When I rolled onto my back and looked up the enormity of the trees took my breath away and I was transfixed by the beauty of them. Sunlight tried to make its way down to the understory where I could hear squirrels running to and fro, somewhere further I could hear deer walking, I was sleepy now and in the distance my lullaby was the bubbling brook.

Bubbling Brook pendant featuring a Cabochon of Indonesian Opalized wood, accent stones of turquoise, chalcedony and London blue topaz set in Argentium silver with fine silver bezels.

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