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Butterfly Garden

Things rarely go as we plan so staying open to change, shifting our thinking, our ideas and substituting one idea for another should be encouraged. The client wanted one huge butterfly, a really big piece of tablejewelry. I tried to comply, but even with a bigger torch it wasn't going to happen. A new idea formed in my mind, a substitution. A butterfly garden where 3 butterflies would perch on a beautiful piece of wood. Off center a Herkimer druzy rock garden, an antique carved figurine (which had been his grandmother's) watched over everything. A feeling of peace, stillness, a Zen moment blossomed. Three butterflies standing still, but as the viewer moves around the piece there appears to be 5 butterflies because 2 have asymmetrical wings. Each step changes the view. Just as in life. Fortunately the client is a friend and understands how life has its own design for us. No one understands that better than he does he assured me. In his words, he “never thought he'd have a second chance at life, let alone a third”. He was given a lung transplant and now as his liver is failing 2 people have stepped forward to be living donors. Being fluid in the moment, allowing life to flow through us eases suffering. Substitution grants us the ability to adapt. Enjoy each and every moment. The human experience, with all of its changes and challenges, is a gift!

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