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We are not one thing. Not one element, part or moment. There is no single word that perfectly describes what we really are because we are the sum of everything. The sum of the moments in our life. Those moments helped to mold us, to make us what we are. One woman. Three friends. The heart is the common ground that brought us together! Three friends, 3 elements for healing ❤️

Rhodochrosite it brings feelings of worthiness, love and compassion it is the most healing of all stones. It brings us unconditional love and connects you to your inner child that will then heal old and new wounds. It brings a deeper connection of compassion and openness without judgement, it calms and balances the nervous system. Pink Quartz it is the stone of the heart, it also brings compassion and peace, it is the stone of love and friendship it brings strength for anyone who has a loss of self identity. It brings you the energy of being soothed, regenerated and integrated the perfect stone after surgery. ❤️ Silver it is the metal of the feminine, lunar & intuitive. It restores equilibrium and stability to the feminine power and spiritual energy. It protects you from outside negativity. Three elements, 3 women that came together to show their love and support for the healing of one truly incredible and well loved woman. ❤️❤️❤️

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