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Friendship as written on FB tablejewelry

I know you're busy.

I see your posts!

I really do look and read them.

I'm busy too.

Life is........complicated.

Growing children, work, aging parents, illness, duties, obligations, time management!

That's why when it comes to commissions I don't take many.

My life is the same.

Even when it's people I know, and they know what my life is like from the inside and they say 'no rush, no worries, whenever you can get to it is fine' that's not me.

I live by the adage of why put off for tomorrow what you can do today.

Yes I am a type A, fire, pita constitution.

I put pressure on myself.

Yet when a friend recommended her friend it felt right to tatk this commission.

We met, I showed her stones to choose from, she told me what she likes and hopes for.

She picked the stones from the tray.

I reassured her, did a quick sketch......except of the ring.

I don't sketch my rings, I let them flow in a very organic way.

But I heard what she liked!

These are her pieces, done in my style.

She trusted me.

I was excited to do the work.

Best of all, truly the best part of this commission is that the client has become a friend.

Does life get better than that?

I don't think so..

Take the time to smell the roses.

Take the time to welcome in a new friend.

Let your tribe of powerful people grow.

That is the richness of life.

Thank you Barry for trusting my vision, for being a powerful woman, for joining my tribe!

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