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From an acorn a mighty oak grows

Did you know that quote is a 14th century proverb? The significance of it plays heavily into my life and I'm sure yours. Truthfully I dread my 'stories', I am not comfortable posting. Yet these stories that certain cabochons evoke from me have a force to be posted far greater than my fear of posting them. 

So what is the significance of an acorn? 

It reminds us that from something small, mighty things are created. That whatever you are 'growing' does not happen overnight. That growth, in of itself, is always a dichotomy of 'good, bad, easy, difficult…. there will be storms, droughts, sunshine and gentle rain. It is important to remind yourself that growth needs proper nourishment and lots of patience. 

Regardless if that growth is for a business or for emotional or spiritual growth, it will happen in its own time. 

Trust is also needed. 

So remember if things are difficult, if you find yourself in a 'drought ' I am here to remind you that tomorrow is a new day. And the sun will shine and a gentle rain will fall and growth will happen. 

Something mighty has always started from something small! 🍂 🌳

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