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People often ask me where I get my ideas.

I get them by simply closing my eyes.

I was a weird kid, which stands to reason since I'm a weird adult. I preferred the company of the trees, ferns, and moss to that of people. I'd escape, by myself, and head to the woods to be in nature. There I'd lay down, look up at the trees and their leaves. The sunlight filtered down. As I breathed deeply the scent of the forest created a calming effect. Soon I'd close my eyes, letting the dappled sun create beautiful colors and patterns on my closed lids.

I'd watch my thoughts as they created natural wonders from the shadow play. Fantastic plants and imaginary creatures grew out of nowhere.

As an adult I now understand the value of that time spent daydreaming. The art of sometimes doing nothing, just letting the mind wander, to simply rest. It lowers stress, fosters creativity and helps to problem solve. The key is to watch your thoughts and not become them.

This ring had several challenges. Size, comfort, setting, continuity and flow of design to just name a few.

I took it step by step.

First I made the bezel.

Then I looked at the ring bands the owner told me she liked.

At night I'd close my eyes, and let all the designs homogenize until the right design floated by.

I then made the band.

When that was done I presented my mind with the setting and the band. Once again, at night I'd close my eyes. I'd put the band and setting in the forefront and release my thoughts. I watched images flow past when suddenly vines began to grow. They came up and around to hold the setting and flowed into the stone. The next day in the studio I recreated that image.

Where do my ideas come from?

They come from the pea-pod and cucumber tendrils growing in the garden. From the leaves and the trees and flowers. They come from everywhere and out of nowhere.

They are simply my Imagination.

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