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Have you seen the documentary 'My Octopus Teacher'.

A man is broken by his work. He lives in Africa near the ocean. Broken, he decides to swim again like he used to as a kid. While there he reconnects with nature, an octopus befriends him. It was a long process but at one point when he goes to see the octopus, she swims up to him and envelops his chest in a greeting. For me that was such an incredibly profound moment. That creature which is wild trusts a human completely, it was remarkable to see.

We are not separate from nature, we are part of it.

We are apex predators and yet this gentle, vulnerable creature learns to trust the human. As a result, the human heals.

Being with nature in this intimate way not only healed him , it also reignited his passion of filming nature again.

We begin life in water, is it any wonder that the water made him whole again.

This is the incredible gift nature gives us. She asks nothing from us and gives us everything!

It is time we all stepped forward and give Mother Nature the love and respect she deserves.

For Earth Day, try to reconnect with nature. Plant a tree, tell the flower thank you, throw your trash in a garbage can. Turn down the dial on your thermostat or up if it's the AC. Plan your trip to the store to be more efficient.




Most importantly, sit quietly outside and watch the clouds and the birds.

Make your own connection to nature again.

Pay homage to the trees, the bugs, the plants, the birds, and of course the Octopus.


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