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I'm wondering how does your mind work? Mine works like a rolodex, I get a glimmer of an idea and it starts to click in my head. Each click is a search for information, a memory, a scent, color or texture. The faster the clicks the quicker this information is processed, searching, sorting coordinating. Some pieces of info are stored for later use while other pieces are put together, until finally I get exactly what I need.

One ring for a friend.

c l i c k

Might as well make a few.

Click, click, click

clickclickclickclick.....I'm back as a young woman outside with friends, they're setting up the telescope to find the next star cluster.

I'm cold and bored my mind wanders and I look up to find the only star formation that ever interested me.

Pleiades the 7 sisters.

I had often longed for a sister. Someone you can bare your soul to, laugh with, argue with,someone who was always there for you and you for her.

I was an odd and opinionated child so close female friends was not something I had when I was young. Over time, slowly it happened, I found my soul sisters!

Incredible powerful women who are strong, opinionated, motivated , each a force to be reckoned with. We share something wonderful between us, we love each other, support, carry and help each other and most of all we love each other not in spite of our flaws but because of them. We are perfectly imperfect!

My flesh and blood 7 sisters are incredible......clickclickclickclick

7 rings, seven sisters, 7 goddesses, strong, powerful, each a representation of the Pleiades. I wonder which 7 incredible women will be drawn together by these ring.

7 rings

Seven powerful Goddesses

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