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The word precious is defined as 'an object, substance, or resource of great valu; not to be wasted or treated carelessly; rarity.'

In gems clarity and rarity define precious, but what if that stone is neither rare nor has clarity, does that negate 'preciousness'?

When I am asked to create a piece of jewelry for someone I never take for granted the extreme privilege given me. A connection with that person is vital, that's because my work is emotionally driven....I need to be shown vignettes of their private lives, loves, passions and most of all their hearts. I am invited into their world, it is a great privilege and one I cherish deeply. The piece I make for them reflects these glimpses. For me it is not just a matter of setting a stone or as in this case a pebble, it is far greater than that! These pebbles would not be considered anything precious to most people because they are 2 of a billion, yet to this family they are precious gems...a ring and a pendant to remember the 'best vacation ever'.

I sat with these pebbles, watched them , waited, studied photos and asked questions.

One photo in particular that had been posted on their timeline kept coming into my mind. It was mother and daughter in the water, the shore line behind them. The shoreline would become the pattern on the ring band, the 2 pieces of silver once cut were a reflection of each other, just like mother and daughter, the same shoreline were the pebbles were carefully selected. I asked to have the photo sent to me, an entire series followed. The story behind each photo was poignant, it touched my heart because it spoke of family love, time together, learning, exploring, bonding in that very beautiful and unique way that family does.

A pebble.

Two of a billion, certainly not a precious gem, not a diamond, sapphire, ruby or emerald and not rare.

Yet very precious.

Each photo was etched in my mind, the ombre effect of the stones where they were gathered., the cottage where the stacking of stones symbolized a welcoming place, a photo framed in my mind, a pendant.

My sincerest wish is that these pieces will be joyfully worn....time will pass the pieces will be put away until one day it's owner has her own family and opens her jewelry box to rediscover this pendant and ring. As she touches them memories come flooding back to her, the smell of the water,the sound of laughter they shared, the pebbles on the shore line. She will once again see her young mothers beautiful smile filled with so much love for her. She will realize the incredible family she had that taught her how to be the same to her own family.

Yes jewelry can be just an object worn, admired, envied....but for me it is more.

It is a keepsake of time gone by, of love passed on from one generation to the next, beautiful memories that create stories.

It really is a privilege to create a piece for someone, one that I hold sacred, one that has also touched my heart for eternity by it's being shared with me.

There is no greater force in life than love.

Nothing more precious


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