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Updated: Dec 12, 2018

My world is small I have no need or desire to travel because I am fascinated by the minutiae in nature .

It rains, I step outside my door and watch how the raindrops play on the plants. The colors of the flowers and leaves seem deeper and more saturated after the rain. Drops silently roll on the leaves and petals, some finish their dance by gently dropping to the Earth. Others roll along and come together in the center of a leaf. The big bright green leaves of the nasturtium is the perfect gathering place. Dozens of drops run together and coalesce. Then the magic and wonder of water and leaves the right light , with a tilt of your head, a silver sheen seems to encase the pool.

When I first saw a silver sheen obsidian cabochon I was intrigued which led to desire and then the correlation of my obsession with raindrops.

So this is my interpretation of raindrops coalescing


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