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Spring Celebration

Updated: May 30, 2018

Here in the North East corner of PA winter hung onto spring like a bad breakup.

You know the kind , every time you thought they were gone they reappeared clinging to your leg!

Each time it warmed up a bit winter came back with snow, sleet and cold! Finally spring prevailed ad burst forth in all of its glory.

The leaves n the trees sprung out with a vengeance, at ties it seemed they unfurled right before my eyes.

So much green so many shades of green it is a color buffet for the winter starved eyes!

Grey-green, silver-green, light-green, aqua-green, yellow, bright, is absolutely beautiful and soothing to the body and soul.

We are refreshed and energized because of green!

So when I received these 2 beautiful cabochons of opalized palm wood with their luscious shades of greens I knew it was time to celebrate spring.

These are 2 pendants for my evo-lutions series that honor my favorite inspiration from nature of leaves and vines.


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