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Sunset Mariposa

A few years ago I changed the way I planned my flower garden. The bees and butterflies are in a crisis and I wanted to help them. Now I plant milkweed, lavender, butterfly weed and zinnias....all the flowers they like. Though my flower beds might look haphazard I love standing there watching all the bees on the lavender and the array of butterflies floating around going from flower to flower! It is the butterfly effect, I shifted my attitude and desires about my garden and recently my studio time, one small change creates big changes. I am not one of those people that can produce a lot in a short time so I let that go and let inspiration rule my time there. It seems fitting that my biggest inspiration now comes from butterflies, after all the are the symbol of transformation! This bracelet Sunset Mariposa is the first in a series of cuffs I'll be doing. Most fun I've had in a log time.

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