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The Colors of Fall

Our senses have been assaulted.

We've been inundated with politics, and everyone screaming at each other. The world has experienced extreme illness and loss with pandemic. As if that isn't enough the earth has experienced devastating fires and floods.

And then things change, the cycle of life shifts and continues.

Here in the NE Mother Nature is giving us respite from all these assaults. She is helping our senses to calm down, rest and recharge.

The mornings start with a gentle fog shrouding the rising sun, resting on top of the tree boughs, curling atop the pond. This gives us time to awaken and gently acclimate to a new day in a softer way. The drive to work is slower, peaceful and quiet.

Leaves fall, creating a song of their own. We actually need to sit still to hear it and it's so soothing.

All the colors are tonal. This too gives ease to the eyes and mind.

Respite from life, found in nature, found in the Colors of Fall.

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Absolutely beautiful! 💜💗

Me gusta
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