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There are over 200 species of thistle. They range from the humble, that which we call a weed, to the gourmet, an artichoke, but in my opinion they are all beautiful. They are a favorite for butterflies and bees and at the end of summer the little goldfinch enjoy their seeds. It represents many things to many cultures but most agree that it represents bravery, devotion, strength, determination and respect!

When I looked at this chalcedony it said 'Thistle' to me. So I listened and designed a ring that inferred thistle.

What I find fascinating, and humbling is how the right person is always called to a particular piece I make. In this case the fit was exact.

A client struggling with an illness saw the WIP of this ring, it called to get. I know her strength and determination will rule the day. She is one of the strongest women I know. Her character has seen her through many hardships but she has a tender heart. Don't be mistaken, should someone hurt the ones she loves she is a warrior, a fierce protector!

She is a survivor!

She will evolve, transform and in the end she will help others through her own experience with this battle.

She is beautiful, brave, devoted, determined, strong.

She is the Thistle!

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