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Ice climbing.

Cliff jumping.

Shark cage diving.

Some people love these extreme, thrill seeking sports. It's the adrenal rush, it's the way the mind clears and clarity sets in.

It's about living in the moment!


No thanks!

I don't need to put myself in danger to get that thrill. Instead I take on commissions. When a client provides a stone, the fun begins. Right from the start adrenal starts rushing in. Will I design a piece to meet their desires. If the stone is extremely expensive, well I don't need to explain that! Or, as in this case the stone is soft with an extreme point. A challenge to set by any measure. As I begin to set the stone my heart pounds,I am focused only on the task at hand. My mind clears, there is intense clarity and focus.

I am living in the moment.

Once done there's an intense rush of satisfaction. The stone is set, the piece gets it's high polish and I'm done.

Delight sets in.

What a thrill!

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