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It is a word defined as a belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of another.

To trust, truth is always required.

It takes time to build trust and it takes repetition of experiences together in order for that to happen.

It requires some form of proof.

This stone whispered to me a clean design. Enhance the gold within the stone with gold.

Trust me I said! The design will make the stone pop!

Truthfully, caregiving is exhausting and sometimes I know something in a design isn't quite right, but fatigue is too powerful.

There was hesitancy, I could sense it.

"Tell me the truth," I asked.

She did, and I agreed!

What a relief, I got to work immediately and changed it. The change was minimal, the impact of the design though was huge.

I knew she'd be happy with the design in the end because I sent photos of similar designs, thus proof of experience.

Finally it was done!

This ring was made with complete, and total truth and trust!

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