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Two Hearts that Beat as One

A friend asked me if I'd do commissions, I shook my head as I said NO! I explained that someone elses wants and desires stifles my creativity.

Recently that same friend pointed out that most of my work now, is in fact commissions! I laughed and then told her that I am blessed because all of my commissioned work has no restrictions, I am given free reign to simply create.

Oh yes there might be the love of a particular color or type of stone, a style of band or sometimes I am supplied with the stone and told to have fun! My ideas begin to run wild ,at times the simpleset statement sets everything in motion....

"I'd like 2 leaf and vine pendants, mother and daughter pendants."

I could hear 2 hearts beating.

Mother and daughter.

Intertwined vines began to grow in my mind.

Two hearts that beat as one.

There is no stronger bond than that of a mother and daughter and this mother and daughter have a beautiful bond!

Their love, respect, admiration and joy for each other is palpable, it is beautiful to witness and can be felt across the miles.

The vines like these 2 women would be the same but different, a reflection of each other.

Intertwined through time, because a mother's love for her children is eternal.

I could hear 2 hearts beating.

Two Hearts that Beat as One Vine and Leaf pendants.

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