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The leaves have long since fallen. Squirrels, chipmunks and mice have used those leaves to create cozy nests for their hibernation. The landscape looks barren and the North winds blow. Yet Mother Nature will always provide us with great interest….. if we take the time to look. The first snow has fallen, everywhere it is a blanket of white. Suddenly the clouds break open and the sun shines. The snow explodes into a sea of sparkling diamonds. Look carefully, survey the landscape, Movement will catch your eye. It's a chickadee, it's merry chirp a happy song in the quiet. Following its fight it lands upon a delicate shrub. The shrub is ablaze with red berries. The chickadee and a finch feast on the berries. It is a delight for the senses! The birds bellies are full, the eyes of the viewer have been delighted by the beautiful stark contrast of red berries in the midst of a blanket of white. Mother Nature has given a feast to many this day. This simple shrub, so delicate and hardy, has provided food and beauty. It is the Winterberry.

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